Ruth Favorite Breakfast Cereal Concoction

Rips Big Bowl Breakfast

Dry ingredients:
1/3 cup raw old-fashioned oats
1/3 cup Cascadian Farm Organic Raisin Bran
1/3 cup bite-size shredded wheat (about 10)
½ tablespoon chia seeds (or ground flaxseed meal)
Cinnamon to taste

¼ Fresh Mango
½ Fresh Kiwi
Fresh or thawed frozen strawberries
Fresh or thawed frozen blueberries/blackberries/raspberries
½ banana, sliced

¾ cup milk substitute (I like almond or vanilla soy milk)

Toss all ingredients into a bowl large bowl and eat up!

*Tips for working folks (if you want to eat your breakfast at work):
The night before:
1. Combine dry ingredients into your portable bowl (I use a cool whip container)
2. Combine all fruit except banana into a separate container
3. Pour milk into a portable bottle

The morning of:
1. Add sliced banana to fruit container
2. Pack both containers, milk, and spoon


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