Why are we eating Plant-Strong and Whole-Foods?
Ron’s primary motivation is to reverse his heart disease and be able to enjoy participating in athletic events again. When he discussed this food lifestyle with his doctor, his doctor confirmed that this way of eating has been shown to reverse heart disease (citing The China Studies). Although there are no guarantees, there is at least hope. Ruth’s motivation…. to reduce arthritis symptoms (and it has). Added benefits… weight loss/control:)

Documentaries we watched:
While we find the Plant-Strong Whole-Foods lifestyle very compelling, our overarching belief is “moderation in all things”. So we are not saying that we agree with everything in every documentary, and suggest you do your fact checking. That being said, here are some Netflix documentaries that we found interesting and enlightening:
Forks over Knives
The Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue
Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead
Hungry for Change
Food Matters

After watching all of these, we found a way of eating that works for us (we absolutely love these foods!), and is best summarized by Dr. Fuhrman’s Food Pyramid below:

Dr. Furhman's Food Pyramid

Dr. Furhman's Food Pyramid-2


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